It’s prime cherry season: time to stain your hands with juice and debate whether a pitter is a good investment.

Bethe30 asked about farms with pick-your-own, pesticide-free fruit in the Brentwood area. idlehouse recommended Pease Ranch, while riotbrrd picked “awesome Bing cherries” that were “either organic or pesticide-free” a couple of years ago at Papini Family Orchards.

Back in May, Robert Lauriston said that he received an email from Bacchini’s saying that their sour cherries would be ready in a few weeks. But the 2012 produce list posted to their website has bad news: “No crop this year :(” Was ever an emoticon so cruel?

For those who prefer already-been-picked, a recent thread runs down 99-cents-per-pound sightings, including 99 Ranch Markets and a produce shop near Green Apple Books on Clement Street.

Seen any cherries on sale lately? Add your sighting to the thread!

Pease Ranch [East Bay]
25175 Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood

Papini Family Orchards [East Bay]
2160 Walnut Boulevard, Brentwood

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree [East Bay]
2010 Walnut Boulevard, Brentwood

99 Ranch Market
Multiple locations

Discuss: U-Pick Pesticide Free Cherries in Brentwood
Cherries 99c/lb SF Chinatown

Cherry orchard image from Shutterstock

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