In the battle between Mamas, only one can come out on top. vliang recently pondered where to have a Taiwanese lunch in the South Bay, including the two Mamas: Liang’s Village Cuisine (a.k.a. Mama Liang’s) and Mama Chef (formerly called Mama Chen’s). Mama Chef won, and vliang was pleased with the following dishes:

• Beef noodle soup: “Broth with depth, noodles with bite, and good meat.”
• Mix mix cold appetizer dish: “Really flavorful lu wei, not just soy sauce taste.”
• Oyster omelet: “Crispy on the outside, appropriately gooey on the inside.”

“It was very good and I want to go back again to try more things,” vliang says.

Liang’s Village Cuisine [South Bay]
19772 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino

Mama Chef [South Bay]
5075 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 10, Santa Clara

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