Mary Chung Restaurant is a great place to dine with toddlers, especially if Alice is your server. “You don’t usually think ‘service’ with this type of place,” Parsnipity says. “[But] Alice provided service of the ‘I know what you and your family need to eat and I’ll make sure you get it whether you want it or not’-variety.”

Dun dun noodles were served with sauce on the side, and the baby enjoyed them plain. A normally spicy eggplant dish was prepared mild, so Parsnipity’s young dining companion was able to try eggplant for the first time. Suan la chow show (dumplings in a spicy sauce) came in their normal state, but Alice also brought out a few plain dumplings for the toddler to try, and these were “promptly consumed.”

“I would have fed the kid brown rice and the sweet potato chunks we brought,” Parsnipity says. “So, thanks Alice. You knew best.”

Mary Chung Restaurant [Central Square]
460 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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