Sweethome Grill, purveyor of quality Chinese noodles and skewers, serves up some long noodles. “Even standing up at the table to pull up the noodles from the bowl didn’t help,” says bulavinaka. “I know long noodles are fortuitous but serving them intact requires someone with the height of a famous and gracious former Chinese basketball player.” There’s some debate about whether the noodles are actually, as the menu claims, hand-pulled, but they are plenty good.

The skewers are all nicely grilled, says bulavinaka. Cumin lamb is satisfying as ever, and the chicken hearts and squid are great.

But best of all are the cold dishes. Cold cucumber with sesame has an excellent balance of flavors, and the peanut-celery dish is utterly addicting, says bulavinaka. TonyC will be back for the grilled mantou, cold pork tongue, and five-color cold lian pi.

Sweethome Grill [San Gabriel Valley]
402 E. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

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Photograph of noodle soup at Sweethome Grill by TonyC

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