Yo-Burger reminds some Bronx hounds of a certain crazy-busy fast-food chainlet from Manhattan. “Yes, it’s totally a Shake Shack rip-off,” says BronxBree. “But it’s still really good. Good-quality Shake Shack–style burgers and tasty fries. Sweet potato fries too.” You can also get first-rate shakes and choose your frozen yogurt toppings.

In some ways, Yo-Burger might even be too much like its fast-growing inspiration. Just two months after it opened, the lines at peak hours rival Shake Shack’s. “They even went to the trouble of over-salting the meat just like Shake Shack!” says District 10. “Actually, the fries are way better than Shake Shack’s. All in all, it’s a pretty nice spot, and I’d much rather those guys have my money than Danny Meyer.”

Yo-Burger [Bronx]
3726 Riverdale Avenue (near W. 238th Street), Bronx

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