If you’re lucky enough to score some fresh soursop (also known as guanábana), what should you do with it? Just eat it, says Pan, like they do in Malaysia. Steve agrees—the fruit needs no recipe to shine. “Fresh soursop is a rare treat, and one of the great food experiences of my life,” Steve says. “You don’t eat the seeds (supposedly some toxicity therein), but the seeds are contained in a pulpy sac which has all the wonderful flavor.” UES Mayor only likes soursop when it’s ice cold, recommending that you chill before eating. And after eating, expect to chill: Steve reports that his soursop session made him very sleepy for the rest of the afternoon.

If you’re determined to cook with the fruit, try making it into ice cream, says ladooShoppe. And seamunky likes it in smoothie and sorbet form—perfect for summer.

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