Among the several pierogi options at Little Poland is one dubbed Very Special Pierogi. Pan says it deserves the accolade. They’re filled with potato, cheese, and a touch of sauerkraut, and topped with creamy sauce with scallion tips. A full order is eight for $6.50, a half order four for $4.50. This is rich, heavy chow, so half might fill the bill.

This modest East Village diner (whose menu immodestly boasts, “The Food We Serve Is as Good as Music of Chopin”) also dishes up goulash, blintzes, schnitzel, sausages, soups (bean, borscht, potato-lamb, etc.), bigos (meat-sauerkraut stew), and other sturdy fare, gently priced.

Little Poland Restaurant [East Village]
200 2nd Ave., between E. 12th and 13th Sts., Manhattan

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