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"I've had Cafe Brulot many times in New Orleans. It's a pretty basic recipe. The Post/Scott recipe with the mention of aloes is unique in that regard. Otherwise it is a sweetened orange and clove/cinnamon/allspice spiced coffee with brandy. The 'Diabolique' comes in with ladling flaming coffee down a long spiral of clove studded orange zest. Great presentation." - JMF

"Basically add enough salt to kill all the other guys and only the salt-loving halophytes remain to happily chomp away at the dead fish. And just like different yeasts will give different characteristics to beer, different bacteria will give different characteristics to fish sauce and different regions will have their own unique local blend of bacterial strains. Bacteria. . .where would we be without them!?! So many delicious foods they help produce!" - seamunky on the production of fish sauce

"Better is my custom grind made from over ten kinds of hot chili peppers affecting different parts of the tongue, some smoked dry. I add it to almost everything and especially pickles. Unlike fresh ground black pepper, chili pepper grinds do not cause pain in moderation [but] instead are a flavor enhancer that opens taste buds. Making a perfect custom chili grind has been a hobby for decades. Is great sprinkled on food everywhere [I] would use salt. Enhances pickles, olives, and capers." - smaki on enhancing store-bought (or homemade) pickles

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