With Canele, Corina Weibel and Jane Choi of Corina’s Kitchen are bringing fresh, tasty Cal-Med fare to Atwater Village.

Some dishes are being held over from the popular Osteria Nonni, like spaghetti with olive oil. Gazpacho is more like a rich tomato puree than the usual chunky affair, with a hint of balsamic and a section of hard-boiled egg, drizzled with basil oil. Seared calamari and celery root salad gets a thumbs-up, and roast pork loin over polenta is all it should be.

Service is a work in progress, and last we heard they didn’t have a bread supplier. It’s probably worth waiting a bit till the kinks work out. Also, Nonni fans felt a bit of sticker shock: appetizers are $6-10, and entrees $9-22, but the portions are definitely on the European scale–not sized to share. Desserts are $6; a small version of the house signature pastry is complimentary.

Canele [Atwater Village]
formerly Osteria Nonni
3219 Glendale Blvd., at Edenhurst, Los Angeles

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