The best salsa roja in Southern California is at Carnitas Michoacan, says nosh. This intoxicating elixir is “thin, brick red, spicy, complex, smoky, delicious,” and the only problem is getting enough of it! The proprietors reluctantly dole it out in thimble-sized containers, or optionally sell four ounces of the wonderful stuff for $1.50. “When I buy a couple of al pastor burritos to take home I splurge for the 4 oz. cup and beg for as many of the little thimbles as they’ll give me,” nosh says.

A5 KOBE has a similar problem with the excellent salsa verde at local chain King Taco. “Only problem is they are so stingy with it and they charge $3 for a tiny cup of it,” says A5 KOBE. “I will kill that little cup with like 5 chips.” Jwsel also likes the salsa at King Taco, but has found similarly smoky, spicy salsa at Rigo’s Taco. “Rigo’s will sell a side of the salsa in a small drink cup with chips that are topped with refried beans,” says Jwsel. “I usually take it home and put it in an airtight container so it lasts a few days.”

And TimToyGeek has been enjoying the salsas from a stand called Salsa Poblano at the Studio City Farmers Market. They make a variety of salsas, but the chile de arbol is particularly addictive.

Carnitas Michoacan [Downtown]
1901 N. Broadway, Los Angeles

King Taco
Multiple locations

Rigo’s Taco [San Fernando Valley – East]
13662 Oxnard Street, Van Nuys

Salsa Poblano Stand at the Studio City Farmers Market [San Fernando Valley – East]
Ventura Place (between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Radford Avenue), Studio City

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