Looking for ways to indulge in mascarpone, the rich and luscious Italian cream cheese variant best known as the filling in tiramisu? You can go simple, and spread it on toast instead of butter…or even simpler, and follow Louise’s suggestion: “Lock the door and get out a spoon.” But if you want to combine mascarpone with other ingredients, here are a few suggestions:

Stir it into risotto at the end of cooking for an ultra-creamy finish. Mix with roasted wild mushrooms, breadcrumbs, and shallots and use to fill ravioli.

Briefly soak strawberries in sweet balsamic vinegar, then top with mascarpone. Mix in a little sugar and some marsala, Cognac, or vin santo, and use as a dip for fruit or even cookies. Scoop into balls (add sugar, if you like) and roll in cocoa powder and chopped pistachios; chill.

Mascarpone is used much like pastry cream in Italian baking and the uses therein are almost endless, says Kelli2006. If you’re a baking hound, take a page from the Italians, and go to town with your own creations.

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