Beef Palace Butcher Shop in Huntington Beach has an old-school feel that mikester loves, and the meat is of high quality. Dry-aged prime steaks are truly excellent, he says, at about half the price of Whole Foods. Thick-cut smoked pork chops exude bacon-y goodness, and the pork sausages are made in-house.

Staff are knowledgeable and helpful, says mikester, and “the butcher will also gladly sprinkle the house seasoning on any of your purchases before he wraps it up.” And there’s a charming lagniappe: “there is a large metal bin next to their cash register,” says mikester. “This bin contains large baking potatoes, which you are invited to help yourself to. I just think this is so great, it’s old-fashioned and generous.” One other old-fashioned touch: They don’t take debit or credit cards—cash or check only!

Beef Palace Butcher Shop [Orange County]
5895 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach

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