Fried chicken at the newly opened Plan Check Kitchen + Bar on Sawtelle is outstanding, says Juji. Fellow hound taiwanesesmalleats finds it “super juicy and crispy,” and wienermobile says it’s tender with “lots of flavor with a little bit of a kick.” “Had the smoky fried chicken plate tonight and it was some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had and it’s only $13!” says wienermobile. “I love Plan Check.”

The fried chicken stands out as some of the best in the city, but there’s lots more on offer here. omakase, who loves chorizo in any form, thinks the pickled chorizo appetizer is fantastic. And the Pastrami Nosh sandwich might be the best sandwich omakase has ever had. “This was incredible—smoky pastrami with cheese and pickles served between two pieces of thinly sliced toasted bread with a fried egg on top,” omakase says. “I couldn’t pick it up, but who cares. I enjoyed eating it with a fork and knife.” The fries, however, are just OK, say maudies5 and wienermobile—so many better things to order here! Save room for fried-to-order crullers for dessert.

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar [West LA – Inland]
1800 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

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plan check on sawtelle is now open!

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