Roksana’s Kabob Hut, a takeout-only restaurant that opened last week on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown, is getting positive reviews from Boston hounds. “I thought the beef kabob and rice was delicious,” Guido says after a recent visit. “Very moist, good flavor. Liked the grilled tomatoes and the mint/herbs. Loved the pickle.”

Crazy Egg is happy to hear this, but there’s something even more exciting: Roksana’s serves tahdig—crispy rice that is scraped from the bottom of the pot. Why is this big news?: “I have been looking for this in a lot of Persian restaurants and they do not offer it because it is (1) not easy to perfect (i.e. takes a lot of heat control) and (2) a whole lot of rice can go to waste because you have a big pot of rice with only a limited crunchy bottom,” Crazy Egg says.

Roksana’s Kabob Hut [Watertown]
133 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown

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Image source: Roksana’s Kabob Hut

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