The Concord branch of The Mediterranean makes a totally awesome shwarma, says Chuckles the Clone. They have a standard setup: big meat carousel slowly roasting spiced slabs of lamb, and when you order, they slice some off and finish cooking it over a grill with some sliced tomatoes. Then they scoop it into a hot-sauce-slathered lavash and wrap it in foil, at which time it begins to make its own gravy, and also begins to be eaten by you. You will need about a dozen napkins for this process, plus a few extra to clean your table when finished.

It’s great shwarma, great enough to make the place qualify as a “destination.” Unlike many places, the lamb really tastes like lamb. J T notes that this place used to be a Truly Mediterranean, but ownership changed and quality slipped–now the quality is back up to previous levels, and it’s totally recommended.

The Mediterranean [East Bay]
1847 Willow Pass Rd. Ste. B, Concord

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