jumpingmonk is smitten with a mysterious citrus fruit labeled “Buck Farms” that he just sampled for the first time. On the outside, the fruit looks like a nondescript round orange. But inside, the pith and flesh are pinkish, like a pink grapefruit. And the flavor is “like no citrus I have ever had,” says jumpingmonk. For one thing, the taste is completely without acid tartness, like a sweet lemon. But it has another flavor aspect, similar to the raspberry taste a blood orange can sometimes have. “Normally I find this the main detractor to the sweet lemon (I find it flat tasting without the acid),” says jumpingmonk. But with the blood-orange-reminiscent flavor, it works perfectly, he says. “This thing defies description. I just hope they have more when I go back next week!”

Melanie Wong guesses that the mystery fruit is a mango orange, a low-acid North African orange that’s still rarely grown in North America. “Buck Brand citrus grown by Lisle Babcock at Deer Creek Heights Ranch is some of the finest available anywhere,” she says. Hail citrus variety!

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