Pork chops marinated in five-spice, usually fried crispy and served over rice, are a homey staple of Taiwanese snack shop cuisine. wanderlustre thinks the best pork chop rice in town is served at Machi during lunch (Machi offers the lunch menu from the now-closed Nice Time Deli). This pork chop is “pounded thin and battered in sweet potato starch,” wanderlustre says. “Garlicky, crispy, and a little sweet. Perfect!”

TonyC and ipsedixit are fans of Old Country Cafe. If it didn’t have a front door, TonyC could “almost imagine it being a Taipei shack.” It happens to be the oldest Taiwanese restaurant in the area, says JThur01—the perfect place to establish a reference or baseline for the pork-chop-and-rice dish.

Ernie likes the pork chop rice at Din Tai Fung, a place better known for its soup dumplings. “In fact, I like it better than their dumplings,” says Ernie.

Johnny L loves the pork chop rice at Js House in Temple City, which replaces the defunct Chowhound favorite Won Won Kitchen (RIP, says ipsedixit). The owners of Won Won Kitchen are still involved, and Js House even serves the same sweet black tea jelly for dessert. The Taiwanese pork chop here is not fried, but it doesn’t suffer from being dry or overcooked. “In fact, it was so moist I had to make sure the pork wasn’t raw/undercooked,” Johnny L says.

Machi [San Gabriel Valley]
1220 South Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia
626-821-0566 ‎

Old Country Cafe [San Gabriel Valley]
2 East Valley Boulevard #1E, Alhambra
626-284-4610 ‎

Din Tai Fung [San Gabriel Valley]
1108 South Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia

Din Tai Fung [San Gabriel Valley]
1088 South Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia

Js House [San Gabriel Valley]
9461 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City

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