For some, it’s comic books; for others, it can be stamps, coins, creepy dolls, or baseball cards. A certain type of person takes a collect-them-all attitude towards her interests, and lucky for us, nickis’s newly discovered obsession with bone marrow inspired a quest for the best versions in the area.

Bix’s marrow is a favorite of CarrieWas218, who also recommends their tartares. vulber suggests Willi’s Wine Bar up in Santa Rosa, and susancinsf agrees that theirs is an excellent rendition.

If what you’re going for is “completely hedonistic and delicious” (and who isn’t?), jmarek begs you to consider RN74’s long marrow bones cut lengthwise.

As for our budding connoisseur, nickis says Zare at Fly Trap’s version is tops, marrying the best-tasting marrow with a bergamot preserve that amplifies and complements the flavor of the warm, crusted interior of the cracked-open bone.

Bix [Jackson Square]
56 Gold Street, San Francisco

Willi’s Wine Bar [Sonoma County]
4404 Old Redwood Highway, Santa Rosa

301 Mission Street, San Francisco

Zare at Fly Trap [SOMA]
606 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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