Prael Thai is off the beaten path of the main drag of Thai Town, but the authentic flavors make it worth seeking out, says BrewNChow. “They have a great version of one of my favorite Thai dishes, crispy rice salad or nam khao tod,” BrewNChow says. Prael Thai is one of the few places south of North Hollywood to serve crispy rice salad, a traditional Isaan (northern Thailand) dish, notes Chowpatty.

“They aren’t quite as spicy as Jitlada but they aren’t afraid to give their food a kick, which I like,” BrewNChow says. “I ordered most of my dishes spicy and they absolutely were.” In addition to the crispy rice salad, the roasted duck with basil (ka pow ped) is terrific, and BrewNChow even thinks the more pedestrian, non-Isaan dishes are surprisingly tasty. “[As] much as it pains me to say it, the pad thai was good.”

Prael Thai [Hollywood]
4620 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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