Is it true that the Westside has no good Indian food? Before eating at Lawrence of India, Bjartmarr would have thought so, but now this hound can joyfully report that West LA is home to a fantastic Indian restaurant. You wouldn’t suspect it from the silly, punny name, but Lawrence of India specializes in “the spicy, coconutty, vinegar-laced food of the chef’s home state, Goa,” Bjartmarr says.

Dishes to try: The Goa-style shrimp curry is “rich and subtly flavored with spices and vinegar,” Bjartmarr says, and the chicken xacati “shakuti” is “bold, complex, and earthy”—reminiscent of Oaxacan mole. The chana masala has “a meaty texture and exploded in our mouths with flavor.” Jase likes the rich, hearty dal (although Bjartmarr finds it bland) and Goan chouriço sausage—like linguiça, but with a coarser texture, he says. The naan is crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, like good Italian bread. On a future visit, Bjartmarr plans to try the sorpotel (pickled pork stew), karela (stuffed, roasted bitter melon), and white pumpkin soup.

Lawrence of India [Westside – Inland]
10032 Venice Boulevard, Culver City

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