Whether corned beef hash is a staple in your kitchen or a way to savor yearly St. Patrick’s Day leftovers, it need not be bland or boring. Chowhounds have tricks for improving its flavor and texture, and creative ways of using it.

Making it with caramelized onions “adds a wonderful sweet and creamy element to the hash,” says TorontoJo. Adding cream to the mixture greatly enhances the crustiness, Karl S says. todao perks up the flavor with rosemary.

If you tire of hash on its own or with eggs, consider transforming it into another dish. The Professor makes it into fritters, adding shredded carrots and a bit of leftover cabbage from the corned beef dinner. “Sounds wacky, I know,” says The Professor. “But if the batter is flavored with a bit of horseradish mustard and a dose of fresh ground pepper and the tiniest pinch of brown sugar, these can be pretty damned good.”

tcamp has stuffed roasted green chiles with corned beef hash mixed with cream and baked them for 30 minutes, then sprinkled them with queso fresco and broiled until browned. “It was [an] oddly delicious mixture, I must say,” she concludes.

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