Call me a wet blanket, but I’m surprised at how few food bloggers have said anything about the spinach saga (if you scan the food blogs I read regularly, you’ll see what I’m talking about). Kate at Accidental Hedonist is one notable exception, posting regular commentary on the latest spinach news and providing some thoughts on why this relatively small outbreak is of national concern. A few others have weighed in (provoking some interesting and some misguided reader comments), but most seem to be continuing their daily discussions of ingredients, recipes, and restaurants without so much as mentioning the leafy green.

Judging from this roundup of spinach-related bloggery on Bloggers Blog, though, folks elsewhere in blogland—who don’t primarily write about food—are all over the issue. Su Avasthi at the Lime Network is feeling rebellious and wants to stuff her face with the erstwhile supergreen; Kai at Daily Kos addresses the manure question; and tech-business blogger John at raises some interesting points about the lack of PR response to the E. coli outbreak.

What do you think—would you want to hear more food bloggers’ takes on the spinach scare, or have the papers and radio stations already covered all the bases? Does the issue even matter to folks who already shop at farmers’ markets and eat far yummier greens than that bagged Earthbound Farm stuff?