During the cold winter you crave hearty stews and slow-cooked meals; in the heat of summer, light salads and anything on the grill. But spring eating isn’t as predictable, with the season’s changing temperatures and intermittent rain. So the CHOW Test Kitchen developed some spring seasonal recipes that work no matter what the weather brings: a warming casserole, two easy stovetop sautés, a chopped veggie salad, and a sweet pie.

Latticed Rhubarb PieLatticed Rhubarb Pie

Pan-Seared Radishes with Miso ButterPan-Seared Radishes with Miso Butter

Snap Pea Chopped Salad with Thai VinaigretteSnap Pea Chopped Salad with Thai Vinaigrette

Crispy Curried New PotatoesCrispy Curried New Potatoes

Kohlrabi-Topped Shepherd's PieKohlrabi-Topped Shepherd’s Pie

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