It’s rare for a pizza place to open in the Mission and not get a pile of reports, but so far that’s been the case for Mozzeria, housed in the old Il Cantuccio space on 16th Street.

The chow side of the story is typical (man loves pizza, couple starts pizza restaurant), but the rest of the background speaks to the power of creating and nurturing community. The husband-and-wife owners are deaf, as are many of the staff; and many of the craftsmen and designers who helped build the restaurant also have connections to the deaf community. You can read much more about that in this excellent KQED article.

What of the food, you ask? That’s exactly our point.

The pies are Neapolitan style, baked in an imported wood-fired oven fueled with almond, oak, and apple wood. The online menu includes both stalwarts and surprises, like Japanese pumpkin ravioli, red cabbage bruschetta, and an eggplant and roasted pepper pizza.

And yet, on Chowhound so far (as of the writing of this Digest) … nyet, not a single report.

’Fess up, who’s been? And what, if anything, is great? mariacarmen is dying to know.

Mozzeria [Mission District]
3228 16th Street, San Francisco

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