What a literally sweet idea for a gift! M&M’s will print your own sentiment or special date on two color candies of your choice. As Caitlin McGrath explains, you choose two colors from a range of eighteen, and you can have a different message printed on each color. You get two lines of text, with eight characters/spaces per line, printed in black. The standard ‘M’ is printed on the reverse side. And you get a preview of how your M&M’s will look on the web site.

They’re not cheap. The minimum order is four 7-oz. bags, at $11.25 per bag, plus shipping,; the total for their minimum four bag order is $58, including shipping.
Artemis has received several bags of these, and reports that the printing is very clear, and the colors are vibrant.

Order here. Use the promotion code EVERYDAY7 and get a free bag with every order, through November 7, 2006.

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