You like Pockys. You like Kit Kats. You even like alphabet letters in your soup. But do you ever think this Pocky/Kit Kat/alphabet letter would be so much better if it were, say, AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD?

Brit site Pimp That Snack is exactly why we’re so happy that Al Gore invented the Internet—so that folks who really want to make, from scratch, animal crackers the size of puppies and Pop-Tarts the width of dinner plates can have a place to share their love.

There’s something exceedingly British and Monty Pythonish about the whole concept; in fact, we found it via another fave Brit site, Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, which pitches its news listings under the heading “Your up to the minute source for news in the fast moving world of tea and sit downs.” Kate Hopkins on the Accidental Hedonist is also a fan, thanks to a fondness for lines like “You just pimped my HobNob!” (The site was originally called Pimp My Snack, until the threat of a lawsuit from Viacom—which own the rights to tricked-out car show Pimp My Ride—forced a name switch.)

But the best part (besides the actual recipes and step-by-step photo commentary, just in case you should want to re-create an After Eight mint the size of a record sleeve) are the Pimp Trumps, where you can match up two pimped-out snacks and see who triumphs. Absolutely Massive Alphabetti Spaghetti versus After Eight 12’’ Extended Mix: Who will rule?

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