Janskitchen likes the idea of letting the seafood flavor shine in crab cakes, but often finds them a bit bland and dry. “I love the taste of crab but am looking for a little zing in my crabcakes,” Janskitchen says. For crab cakes with lots of flavor, hounds prescribe a minimum of binders, plus salt and acid in the seasonings.

These Baltimore crab cakes are “the most flavorful I’ve ever tried–and I’m from Baltimore!” janbrady says. “So easy, too. Very tangy and moist with lemon, mayo, Dijon mustard, and Old Bay in it.”

Lemon juice is a popular addition, but citrus zest “adds a flavor you can’t get with the juice alone–and it’s nice to grate a little on top right before serving,” escondido123 says. (CHOW’s crab cake recipe uses lemon zest in the aioli binder.) Many hounds add either dry mustard powder or Dijon mustard, and both Old Bay Seasoning and hot sauces such as Tabasco and Sriracha are commonly employed to complement crab’s delicate flavor.

CDouglas adds dry sherry to mayonnaise with the other seasonings before folding the crab into it. “Sherry adds a bright depth to cream of crab soup and works great in crab cakes as well,” CDouglas says.

Refrigerating the crab cake mixture before cooking helps it hold together better, hounds note, and “means you can use less filler,” hotoynoodle says.

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