Every year, MC Slim JB‘s advice for celebrating Valentine’s Day is as follows: “Save fine dining for next week!” Based on recent Chowhound threads, it looks as though many have taken this advice to heart. While the trend is not specific to Boston, several local hounds had creative ideas for making Valentine’s Day special.

Those who did try special Valentine’s Day menus had varying success. While opinionatedchef loved her meal at Aquitaine, Prav was disappointed with his meal at Scampo. However, most reports came from those who avoided fine dining, just as MC Slim JB advised.

Several people reported picking up special ingredients for a romantic dinner made in their own kitchen. Bob Dobalina bought some dough from Haymarket Pizza to bake his own pie, while chompie stopped at Tootsie’s Coffee Corner in Wakefield to pick up cupcakes that could be decorated at home. Chris VR bought fresh Maine shrimp, which are still available at Fresh Pond Seafood, and tdaaa ordered precooked lobster from Shaw’s for a special pink fettuccine dish.

Meanwhile, other hounds just went with their cravings. viperlush enjoyed a burrito at El Pelón Taqueria, while smtucker finally got to try Karl’s Sausage in Saugus. bobot went out for Thai food at Dok Bua (“always the right decision”) and lexpatti opted for Chinese at the Billerica branch of Sichuan Gourmet. “[A] romantic dinner for me is enjoying our favorite food together, so although we are in here once a week, Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica is the place for us,” lexpatti says.

Aquitaine [South End]
569 Tremont Street, Boston

Scampo [Beacon Hill]
215 Charles Street, Boston

Haymarket Pizza [Government Center]
106 Blackstone Street, Boston

Tootsie’s Coffee Corner [North Shore]
969 Main Street, Wakefield

Fresh Pond Seafood [Arlington]
75 Summer Street, Arlington

Multiple locations

El Pelón Taqueria [Fenway]
92 Peterborough Street, Boston

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen [North Shore]
142 Broadway, Saugus

Dok Bua [Brookline]
411 Harvard Street, Brookline

Sichuan Gourmet [Merrimack Valley]
502 Boston Road, Billerica

Discuss: Did your Valentines Day dining meet your expectations? Do you rec it for next year?

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