When it comes down to it, Dolce Isola is a production kitchen for The Ivy—which means you can get the same-quality food at one-third the cost, Mattapoisett in LA says. The prices here are bordering on cheap for what you get, kevin adds.

The $10 swordfish tacos are incredible, and generously portioned, maudies5 says. The plate comes with homemade tortillas, beans, guacamole, and a huge portion of swordfish tacos—all of which is delicious.

liu reports ordering the perfect crab omelet at the restaurant: It was fluffy and filled with real seafood. And Mattapoisett in LA digs the corn chowder, which is reminiscent of one of his favorite, ultrabuttery clam chowders from Rhode Island. The club sandwich on sourdough is excellent too, with a break-your-teeth-crunchy crust and tender, light innards.

For dessert, Dolce Isola’s Key lime pie is much beloved. Also great: gelatos of pistachio and chocolate brownie, tiramisu, and chocolate torte.

Ultimately, the place is a fun surprise and a hidden gem, PayOrPlay says—you have to look carefully in the block north of Hamilton to spot this little beauty.

Dolce Isola [Beverly Hills]
2869 S. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles

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