bobpantzer recently headed out to Lafayette and was looking for a lunch spot that’s not too fancy, just good.

Metro Lafayette may be upscale, but amydeaastbay says that the interesting California-French menu and solid ingredients draw her there. In warm weather the trellised patio is a welcome bonus, and feels removed from the shopping center din.

Civil Bear and virtualguthrie agree that Bo’s Barbecue serves one of the best briskets in the Bay Area. Bo’s was mentioned several times in a long-running thread about Bay Area barbecue. But be forewarned: A January 2012 update from cometraveler hinted that it may be headed downhill. As of late, cometraveler found the meats “overcooked, very dried out, stringy and sometimes burnt.”

Metro Lafayette [East Bay]
3524 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette

Bo’s Barbecue [East Bay]
3422 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette

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