Do you find terrific-looking recipes all over the Web but have trouble keeping track of them? Chowhounds are singing the praises of Pepperplate, an online organizer that not only puts all of those recipes together in one place but also helps you get the most from them.

Import recipes from 20 or so supported sources (including CHOW) by entering each recipe’s URL into a field on the site, and Pepperplate does the rest. You can also paste in recipes from other online sources or your own files—a process that “takes way less time than I thought it would,” BananaBirkLarsen says—to integrate your entire digital collection. Once you’ve added a recipe, you can edit it, and add notes and custom labels for sorting and searching. The site also has features that allow you to scale a recipe up or down in quantity, and to instantly generate menus and shopping lists.

Hounds love how this tool makes it easy to use the recipes they’d previously bookmarked but neglected. “I’ve made like 6 new recipes in the last couple of weeks that I would probably never have bothered unearthing if it weren’t for Pepperplate,” biondanonima says. “Awesome website!”

lilgi thinks that the “genius of this site is how accessible it makes your info, increasing productivity from 0 to 90 in no time,” adding that “because I’m able to plan more carefully my grocery bills have decreased somewhat.”

Membership and use of the service are free, and iPad and mobile phone apps sync automatically, allowing you to plan menus or reference shopping lists on the go, while also making it easy to bring online recipes into the kitchen.

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