unvlevinny‘s recommendation of Jaybee’s Bar-B-Q is one of the most heartfelt endorsements we’ve seen on the Chowhound boards in a while. “I’ve been going here and driving waaaay out of my way to get here for 24 years,” unvlevinny says.

Even though the place is a “dump,” according to unvlevinny, there are lines out the door—and the queue is made up of people from every race and socioeconomic group who are all “waiting for the best FRIGGIN’ pork ribs you will EVER have,” unvlevinny says. “Other barbecue joints don’t even rank.
If Yelp had 10 stars, I would do 10.5 stars.”

But delicious as it is, this isn’t exactly a place to take a date, unvlevinny observes. There are only three “crappy” wood bench picnic tables that you’d have to share with other folks.

“Even if you are an asshole racist, by the time you get through the line [and] eat your incredible food at the picnic table with total strangers, you will no longer be a racist and will love all people of all race, religion, whatever. This place should have a sign [that says] ‘WE ALL GET ALONG,'” unvlevinny says. “Their ribs make the world a better place.”

Jaybee’s Bar-B-Q [South Bay]
15911 S. Avalon Boulevard, Gardena

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