Pork shoulder, also known as Boston butt, becomes succulent and tender after long, slow cooking, and can be used in dishes drawing from various international influences.

Pork shoulder stars in a variety of Latin American dishes. This Peruvian pork stew with chiles, lime, and apples is very good, says drongo, and megjp recommends the Puerto Rican roasted pork dish pernil. For a Mexican approach, suburban_mom uses this slow cooker pork tacos recipe, but reduces the amount of broth and cooks it in the oven. ahill loves Diana Kennedy’s method for carnitas. “It is so versatile!” ahill says. “We eat it on tortillas one night, put [barbecue] sauce on it for sandwiches one night, or just pick at it right out of the fridge. So easy and delicious!”

The Italian preparation porchetta uses lots of spices, and the meat is basted with wine. “The flavor is out of this world,” says awm922, who recommends thinly slicing leftovers and keeping them in their juices “for incredible pork sandwiches.” sweethooch calls this Michael Chiarello recipe “garlicky-lemony-rosemary-spicy goodness,” and says that it’s “pretty flexible and really amazingly delicious.”

For a dinner party, try this six-hour pork roast. It’s “wonderful, rustic, and OH-SO-DELICIOUS! Perfect for easy entertaining,” letsindulge says. Or do a roast with figs, garlic, and Pinot Noir, which is “really special and different—very ‘company dinner’ worthy!” gingershelley says.

If you’re a fan of Indian food, pork shoulder is perfect for the classic spicy Goan-style vindaloo, says ninrn. And hounds are big fans of David Chang’s bo ssam, a Korean dish traditionally made with pork belly and brilliantly reinterpreted by Chang using the shoulder.

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