Pasta Bolognese is a ubiquitous dish in Boston, but some restaurants have special versions that keep hounds coming back. A recent thread on the Boston board listed several favorites (too many to include in this post), but here are a few highlights:

Sportello: foodwinesong keeps returning for this “stunning treat,” made with a mix of veal, pork, and chicken livers.

Via Matta: Several hounds mention this as a favorite, though MeeshZ admits that it wasn’t one of hers.

Teatro: chowmensch and CocoDan both like this version of Bolognese, made with rigatoni.

Pasta Beach: StevieC likes the dish served at this Rowes Wharf establishment, and also recommends the pasta carbonara.

Sweet Basil: gltsoi likes the “hint of sweetness from the carrot and port” in this pasta Bolognese.

Hot Tomatoes: On the lower end of the price spectrum, 9lives likes this Bolognese, which he thinks is a recipe passed on from previous owners. It’s “very convenient for Downtown Crossing area workers who have a craving at lunch and no time for an all-out dining experience,” 9lives says.

For more hound favorites, be sure to check out the full thread, which is linked below. Pasta fans should also be sure to check out a recent thread on Boston’s best carbonara!

Sportello [Fort Point]
348 Congress Street, Boston

Via Matta [Bay Village/South Cove]
79 Park Plaza, Boston

Teatro [Downtown Crossing]
177 Tremont Street, Boston

Pasta Beach [Waterfront]
30 Rowes Wharf, Boston

Sweet Basil [MetroWest]
942 Great Plain Avenue, Needham

Hot Tomatoes [Downtown Crossing]
92 Bedford Street, Boston

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