A self-described “Japanese brasserie” on Boylston Street, Basho has been open since 2010, and recent Chowhound reviews are mixed.

chrisdapos doesn’t think much of Basho’s sushi. “[T]he quality could be far better for the price,” he says.

Gordough thinks that Basho has “pretty decent sushi,” but doesn’t usually stray far beyond tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. AaronInBoston agrees that the sushi is just OK, and a bit overpriced. “Their rolls are pretty for sure, but I haven’t had rolls where the fish really stands out,” he says.

AaronInBoston instead recommends trying some nonsushi items, especially the steamed pork bun sandwich. “They use Kurobuta pork which is ridiculously tender and melts in your mouth,” he says. He also likes the salads and the roasted eggplant appetizer.

Gordough notes that parking can be a hassle, particularly during baseball season, but northshoregrl points out that the restaurant validates parking in a nearby garage—even during Red Sox games!

Basho Japanese Brasserie [Fenway]
1338 Boylston Street, Boston

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