A Nepali restaurant in Berkeley climbs to great heights in the eyes of Joel. He says that Mount Everest restaurant on Telegraph Avenue is his go-to place because of well-executed, inexpensive dishes and friendly service.

His group has enjoyed the papadi chaat, vegetable momo, chicken momo, okra, and tandoori lamb. And the Mount Everest herbal soup hits the right note on a cold day in the Bay. Of the dishes they’ve tried, only the kukhura ko sekuwa, a marinated chicken dish, didn’t find any advocates. Corkage is only $6, and on warm days they open an upstairs balcony for alfresco dining.

Robert Lauriston is a fan of the monthly specials list, which features organic ingredients and is slightly more expensive than the restaurant’s standard dishes. He liked the tandoori catfish, prepared in the style of a town called Malekhu that is known for its seafood, and the daal pindalu—black lentils cooked with taro and that were genuinely spicy, as ordered.

Mount Everest [East Bay]
2598 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley

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