Let’s talk Taiwanese beef noodle soup, or niu rou mian.

“What a man likes in a good bowl of NRM is as subjective as what a man likes in a woman,” says jigsawlogic. Accordingly, in the noodle world, there are “meat men, noodle men, and broth men,” jigsawlogic explains.

jigsawlogic used to think he was a noodle man. “After my first taste of knife-cut noodles, it was all over for me,” he says. “I chased after them in China, and then after my return to the States, chased after them twice as hard. I moved to the [San Gabriel Valley], over 20 miles away from my job, to plant my face in the crotch of exile Chinese cookery. And I found those noodles, in such places as JTYH and Kam Hong Garden. Even so, something was missing. I realized that noodles were the garter belts of a good NRM; filled with erotic suggestion, but whose fulfillment was requisite on other factors that were somehow lacking in either establishment.”

But then he found Ming Wa, and the most singularly thrilling beef noodle soup broth he’s ever had, despite the second-rate noodles. The veggies are thrilling costars; the beef is tender and flavorful, though a little scarce. But even with so-so noodles, it’s by far his favorite bowl of niu rou mian in Los Angeles.

Ming Wa [San Gabriel Valley]
1227 W. Valley Boulevard, Alhambra

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