Is it all glamour, glitz, casual chats with Alton Brown, and free-flowing baskets of brioche backstage at the Food Network? According to the channel’s new blog, not so much. Written by the people who make the magic happen—the cooks, the stylists, the culinary purchasing managers—the new blog instead gives a surprisingly workmanlike view of what goes on behind the camera’s gaze.

Don’t expect anyone to dish the dirt on what Rachael, Emeril, or Bobby is really like to work with. Behind the Scenes is extremely tame, but interesting nonetheless. If you’ve ever wondered where all the leftover food goes, or how many loaf pans it takes to shoot a mushroom loaf dish, or where they go to find the “secret ingredient” on Iron Chef, you can find your answers here.

The best thing about the blog is that it’s written by a group, so you get insight into the different roles involved; the worst thing is that it’s pretty lightweight—the entries are all two to three paragraphs long and never delve deeply into any topic. As with many corporate blogs, it’s post and run: Questions in the comments are never answered, and there is no follow-up.

But no doubt the legions of Food Network fans will be delighted at this new addition. “I watch Food Network like my husband watches the golf channel,” one avid viewer confesses in her comments. Well, better brioche than bogeys, I suppose.

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