Watching food shows is a passive activity—that is, unless you turn it into a drinking game! And what better show host to get your buzz on to than Guy Fieri? Rocking chunky man-jewelry and Liquid sunglasses lodged on the back of his enormous head, the flaxen-haired star of the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (a.k.a. Triple D) and Guy’s Big Bite actually looks pretty good when you’re hammered. And since Guy’s delivery leans heavily on bro-speak staples like dude and, well, bro, there are plenty of triggers for downing shots. Here’s how to play:

Terms and rules: Single means a shot that’s the height of one finger (measured horizontally) against the side of a shot glass. Double refers to a shot measuring the height of two fingers. Full shot: Fill it to the rim, baby. Unless noted, this game works for both Triple D and Guy’s Big Bite.

What to drink: For the full-on Guy experience, J.D. (Jack Daniel’s) is the only choice. And no driving after playing! Guy looks radical rolling up in his ’67 Camaro SS convertible in Triple D, but a car is the last place you should be after drinking.

Ready? Put on your chunkiest gunmetal neck chain, queue up the DVR, aaaaaand go!

Drink a single when Guy says: “Bad boy,” “Golden,” or “Hit,” e.g., “Hit it with your sauce, pile on your coleslaw, then hit it with your sauce again!”

Drink a double when Guy says: “Money,” e.g., holding up a pulled pork sandwich and declaring, “That is just money,” or any variation on “roll,” e.g., “Whole cinnamon’s my way to roll!”

Drink a full shot when Guy says: “Crustification,” or, if playing while watching Guy’s Big Bite, any time programming changes on the TV in Guy’s “living room” during the episode. For instance, if it goes from drag racing to sky diving to bears feeding on salmon rushing upstream, fill it up to the rim. Righteous!

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