The price and quality found at Giovanni’s Produce & Grocery in El Cerrito earn rave reviews on the board this week. gordon wing picked up fresh green beans for 59 cents a pound and “very tasty” Honeycrisp apples with “good tart/sweet balance and nice texture” for 79 cents a pound. But the deal of the day for gordon wing was the cocktail-size tomatoes: “4 clamshells for a dollar! That’s 25 cents per pound,” he says.

rworange also visited Giovanni’s and seconds gordon’s enthusiasm for the produce purveyor. She bought “terrific” 10-cent cucumbers, tangerines for 49 cents a pound, and Texas juice oranges priced at $1 for three pounds.

Giovanni’s Produce & Grocery [East Bay]
1600 Liberty Street, El Cerrito

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