At first, it looked like lil mikey had gotten a bad deal from Gastronómico , the brick-and-mortar version of the Gastrobus food truck. “Walking out of Gastronómico, I was cursing that I’d overpaid for exactly one pound of vegetables: It was the Veggie Trio, and it’s $11.95,” lil mikey says. “One of the components was a beet salad just scooped from the display case. Here I was walking to the car thinking these guys are sticking it to me.”

But lil mikey was pleasantly surprised: “[W]hat I didn’t expect was the quality of the dishes. The fried cauliflower had a nice burnt crust, which I love, and the tomato kept it moist. The ingredients were obviously top notch. And even though I saw the guy scooping the beet salad from the display case, it too tasted fresh and was very bright with the citrus.”

The best thing of all: the llapingachos, or thick potato pancakes that are almost biscuitlike. They came with leeks and a nice sauce, and it was topped with a quail egg, sunny side up. “I think I’ll be going back after all,” lil mikey says.

Gastronómico [Los Feliz]
1802 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles

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