There’s no butter in apple butter–it’s just apples cooked way, way down with some sugar or cider to a concentrated form of the apple’s goodness. It’s delicious spooned right out of the jar, or slathered on biscuits or toast. Or, try these inventive options:

A swirl of apple butter makes oatmeal or cottage cheese super delicious. It’s also great for topping French toast or pancakes. It’s great on a grilled ham and cheddar sandwich, says Glencora; or try this recipe for a grilled turkey, brie, and apple butter sandwich.

Apple butter’s also a great condiment for pork chops or pork loin; in fact, take any cut of pork that can be served with a sweet sauce, and throw on some apple butter.

Apple butter also makes a great addition to barbecue sauce, says dantheculinaryman; you may want to adjust the amount of sweetening in your recipe to compensate for the apple butter’s sweetness.

To make a lower-fat carrot cake, replace some of the volume of oil called for with apple butter, suggests saraeanderson.

And one last quick snack note: Infomaniac melts apple butter and pours it over pecans that have been warmed in the oven, then sprinkles with a little salt and serves while warm. Midnight snack heaven.

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