For many Boston hounds, Polcari’s Coffee is a regular stop on any trip to the North End. StriperGuy appreciates the “great coffee at reasonable prices,” but he goes there for other reasons, too.

The tea selection, for example, is excellent. On a recent visit, StriperGuy picked up English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas at $8 per pound. “Both were so fresh we could smell them through the multiple bags on the way home,” he says. SimplyMarie loves the lemon tea sold at Polcari’s, which she says she can’t find anywhere else.

The café and shop also carries dried beans, pasta, spices, and baking supplies—not to mention candy and kitchen gadgets (Jenny Ondioline recently picked up a cheese grater and some licorice). The folks running the store, which has been open since 1932, get nice reviews as well. “The guys behind the counter are great and never fail to put a smile on my face,” says SimplyMarie. “You can’t get the experience any place else.”

Polcari’s Coffee [North End]
105 Salem Street, Boston

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