Many a Chowhound has bemoaned the general lack of good food energy on the Miracle Mile. But now, we give you the new Miracle Mile branch of the beloved Ramen Jinya.

Hounds have so far largely skipped the ramen to instead sample the lunch menu widely. Clyde loves the orange scallop appetizer and the spicy Korean barbecue pork. The latter, says Mr Taster, is surprisingly tender and spicy.

The lunch special is a terrific deal, Clyde says. It’s just $12 for a bento box, chirashi, or a sushi assortment. “Sushi is incredibly fresh, the service is outstanding,” Clyde notes.

Mr Taster recommends blowing an extra $2 for black rice, even though what the server hands you looks a little scary at first. “An intimidating black rice onigiri stared at me, sprinkled with white sesame seeds,” Mr Taster reports. “To be honest, I hesitated at first at paying $2 for what seemed like a gimmick, but the black rice was truly delicious. It was not like a wild rice—it had the proper starchiness to hold together properly, and has a complementary nutty, earthy flavor, sprinkled with salt. Delicious.”

Ramen Jinya [Mid-City]
5174 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

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