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Welcome to "crowdcasting"... paying hipsters to stand in restaurant lines

by ML8000 1 day ago Holy hell, some com...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 1 day ago

Food Network Star... we used to care

by coney with everything 3 days ago

If you go back into the archives, there are lively discussions of the early seasons of Next Food Network Star. This y...


ratgirlagogo commented 1 day ago

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Missing cookbook pages

by csheago 2 days ago

Just bought a used version of "Mushroom Cookbook and Primer" by Amy Farges. Of course it's missing a couple pages; 2...

MLB stadiums food safety rankings

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

" . . . This late in the baseball season, the SI rankings might be used by fans who want to avoid foodborne disease d...

BostonBestEats commented 4 days ago

Brandless - thoughts/experience?

by truman 1 month ago

There was an interesting article in today's WSJ about a start-up called Brandless, which is a mail-order company sell...


namastecooking commented 7 days ago

Chris Kimball's new 'Milk Street Kitchen'...

by gutreactions 10 months ago

Chris Kimball has been a busy man. Ever since he left America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated, he has been work...

MplsM ary commented 8 days ago

Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea

by greygarious 3 years ago

A new contender for the worst cooking show on PBS Create debuted today. I had high hopes, which were rapidly and irr...


namurphy commented 11 days ago

Long Island - a place unlike any other

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

With the news printing today of Joan Reminick publishing her last review at Newsday (for a take-out gyro joint in Eas...

Gastronomos commented 11 days ago

Penzey's Spices catalog--is it just me?

by MandalayVA 7 years ago

I've been buying my spices from Penzey's for years--first from the catalog, then from the Richmond store. While I lo...

MandalayVA commented 12 days ago

Food shows in Spain

by kyeblue 1 month ago

My pre-teen daughter is learning Spanish. And one thing that she enjoys doing is binge-watching shows on food network...


butterfly commented 18 days ago

Sad news

by bear 4 months ago

I saw this on another board and thought it was fitting to post here. Here's a link to the far-to-early passing of our...

mangorita commented 22 days ago

Any other Redditors?

by MplsM ary 27 days ago

I have been using Reddit for a while now. When Pinterest got so adamant about joining and logging in just so I could ...

myfoodconnectiononline commented 23 days ago

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New Vivian Howard - Chef and Farmer Season!

by kariin 26 days ago

Good news, more Chef and Farmer coming this fall - and a pizza place in Wilmington NC !!

Great British Bakeoff Masterclass Episodes

by janniecooks 10 months ago

On the Masterclass Episodes Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood give their technical challenge recipes. Both Mary and Paul...


dast6 commented 28 days ago

The Hidden Costs of Writing a Cookbook

by Caitlin McGrath 1 month ago

Why cookbooks can actually be money-losers for chefs courted by publishing houses. A pretty interesting look into the...


Blowfish commented 1 month ago

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Why two black pastors are suing Coca-Cola

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"William Lamar, the senior pastor at D.C.’s historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, is tired of pre...

Food TV show called the kitchen?

by cresskillgirl 3 years ago

has anyone seen the new show called the kitchen? any thoughts on it?

Njchicaa commented 1 month ago

Primer for David Brooks' Gourmet Sandwich

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Didn't have to wait long for the internet to respond to this paragraph in David Brooks' recent column: "Recently I...


ratgirlagogo commented 1 month ago