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RIP Henry Chung, founder of Henry's Hunan restaurants

by Melanie Wong 16 hours ago

Saddened to read that Henry Chung, the founder of the Henry's Hunan group of restaurants, has passed at age 99. Until...


Tom Simonson commented 6 hours ago

Montreal vs Toronto

by hungry_pangolin 8 days ago

David McMillan of Joe Beef has written a love letter to Toronto in Foodism. Let the games begin/Que les jeux commence...


lagatta commented 1 day ago

The People On America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country

by MarianneB88 4 years ago

Does anyone else notice how Julia Collin Davison is almost orgasmic when she tastes it? Christopher Kimball might mak...


BrianShaw commented 2 days ago

CT Legislators Taking Another Look At Taxing Sugary Drinks

by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

" . . . Rep. Gail Lavielle, a Republican from Wilton, said she is conflicted about the proposal. 'I don't believe in ...

Bob Martinez commented 6 days ago

Fried Chicken is Life

by Gastronomos 13 days ago

This is a nice start:

Bob Martinez commented 6 days ago

Looking for Inspiration for my Blog

by nnguyen 9 days ago

Hi there! I’m currently working on revamping my personal food blog and it would mean the world to me if you can help ...

thegforceny commented 6 days ago

Can we talk about "Iron Chef Gauntlet"?

by Shrinkrap 23 days ago

I am seeing several Top Cheftestants in the commercials​. Anybody else going to watch?

512window commented 6 days ago

Finding Old Gourmet Magazines

by jzoni 5 years ago

Does anyone know how or where to find old Gourmet magazines? The basement story with the water and ruined issues is v...


ahumphrys714 commented 7 days ago

Food Network

by chefearl 11 days ago

I am upset with how they never clean hands between tasks and they have no control over there hair. Young cooks get...

paulj commented 9 days ago

Food Media Be the first to comment

What happened to Recipezaar Community Groups?

by KiwiKathy 9 days ago

Before Recipezaar was rebranded as there was a community group where you could enter cooking games which I e...

Food Media Be the first to comment

Food Vocabulary and Shopping in a Chinese Supermarket

by Melanie Wong 10 days ago

If you want to learn more food and drink words in Chinese

Whole Foods to Sell 100% non GMO Food by 2018

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

I applaud Whole Foods for taking on the gargantuan biotech corporation, Monsanto, by making a commitment to offer onl...


weldlove commented 13 days ago

La Cucina Italiana magazine is back!

by pumpkin donut 3 months ago

In November I got a postcard from them saying they were going to start publishing for the U.S. again. I returned the...


Ital_amP_Tch commented 19 days ago

Cooking Show Hosts Need To Remove Jewelry When They Are Cooking!

by MarianneB88 3 years ago

I am watching Lidia Bastianich and she is making sausage at a shop and those bangle bracelets of hers are all over th...


Misht commented 19 days ago

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If you were a fan of Ubuntu/Napa....

by tre2012 22 days ago

The WSJournal yesterday ran an article on chef Jeremy Fox. After some serious issues, he's now happily cooking at Rus...


by bogwot 27 days ago

Can anyone recommend a good "foodie" podcast with lots of recipes. Most of them just discuss the food TO DEATH - loo...


briasilbert commented 22 days ago

WCBS News Radio pulls the plug on Bob Lape's 'Dining Diary'...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Bob Lape has been doing dining commentary on radio and TV for 30 years, especially in the New York metropolitan area....


Bob Lape commented 24 days ago

Pantry Inventory – App or Spreadsheet suggestions?

by jrwing 27 days ago

Hi there, I live with several roommates in a small NYC apartment so it's hard to keep on top of what communal items ...

Ttrockwood commented 25 days ago

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