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Food Media

Weigh in on TV shows, blogs, podcasts, magazines and newspapers, recipe sites, and any other food-related media that's out there.

Craig Laban's 2018 Guide to Eating in Philadelphia

by cwdonald 13 hours ago

Have had a chance to peruse most of the eating guide. I found the reviews to be fair, though there were some very co...

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Top Chef Kentucky!

by Shrinkrap 1 day ago

I'm still all in!

'Fish The Dish' on Z Living...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

Catching up on some TV on this bad weather day and caught another episode of 'Fish The Dish' on Z Living TV. Vancouve...


gutreactions commented 1 day ago

Milk Street TV with Christopher Kimball

by Greg B. 1 year ago

For the last couple of weeks Chris Kimball's new Milk Street TV show has aired on PBS. Interestingly, WGBH is runnin...


gutreactions commented 5 days ago

Bourdain & Andres in Asturias on CNN...

by gutreactions 19 days ago

One of the final episodes of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain aired last night on CNN and it has to be one of th...


gutreactions commented 5 days ago

David Ruggerio

by gudeatz 10 years ago

Under the radar for a few years...Nothing recent on GOOGLE...Any info about this talented chef, poor business person...


pstillcooking commented 13 days ago

Why no food, not even kale, is 'healthy'

by MplsM ary 3 years ago

I found this an interesting opinion piece on the words used when we talk about food. And, how words in the food world...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 14 days ago

James Beard Foundation controversy again...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

While announcing more than 400 semifinalists from across the country for the 2018 James Beard Awards, the group is, o...


gutreactions commented 17 days ago

NYTimes Puts Recipe Box Behind Paywall

by exyalie 22 days ago

After accumulating a wonderful supply of recipes on their site, as I prepare to make a Pad Thai dinner from a recipe ...


saregama commented 18 days ago

Eating NAFTA

by Melanie Wong 20 days ago

" . . . NAFTA’s health impacts include a rise in caloric intake in Canada, but its effects have been especially signi...


cristina commented 20 days ago

What Happened to Menupages?

by small h 2 months ago

The interface is different, and restaurants I'm pretty sure were included before (Congee Village, Wu's Wonton King) a...


misterchi commented 21 days ago

Cooking Show Hosts Need To Remove Jewelry When They Are Cooking!

by MarianneB88 5 years ago

I am watching Lidia Bastianich and she is making sausage at a shop and those bangle bracelets of hers are all over th...


karacell commented 21 days ago

'Crazy Rich Asians' made me hungry!

by gutreactions 26 days ago

With all the talk surrounding this movie, we had to go see it. Very entertaining! And those titillating food scenes: ...


gutreactions commented 24 days ago

What happened to Recipezaar Community Groups?

by KiwiKathy 1 year ago

Before Recipezaar was rebranded as there was a community group where you could enter cooking games which I e...


GRACIE_AND_MIA_S_POPPIE commented 26 days ago

Culinary art & paintings: what are your favorites?

by gutreactions 1 month ago

I enjoy wandering thru museums and galleries wherever we travel. I guess, because of my lifelong interest in food & d...


saregama commented 27 days ago

Chris Nuttall-Smith's new online magazine, The Taster, has just launched

by Michael N 4 months ago

It looks interesting, but it's a bit too rich for my blood (it's about ten bucks per month, or sixty bucks per year, ...


Sadistick commented 28 days ago

PBS FREAK OUT - Joanne Weir. Come on, PBS- you can do better.

by Mr Taster 5 years ago

Am I the only one freaked out by this lady? The format is that she "teaches" a student how to cook. Here's a ...


acgold7 commented 28 days ago