Start Your Day the Right Way: 6 ways to make the most popular breakfasts 
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Start Your Day the Right Way: 6 ways to make the most popular breakfasts 

Rebecca Wright
11 months ago

Admit it: when was the last time you paused to make yourself a nice breakfast? If you’re like the rest of us, it was probably a hot minute ago. Or maybe more.

It’s so tempting to skip popping a piece of bread in the toaster and making some scrambled eggs in the morning when you’re trying to get out the door. An extra five minutes makes all the difference on the morning commute, that’s for sure. But skipping breakfast, notably called the most important meal of the day, can negatively affect your appetite for the rest of the day. Without breakfast, people are more prone to overeating, which is another penalty point for skipping it.

Here are six delicious spins on the basic recipes for some of the most popular breakfast foods to keep breakfast interesting, healthy, and quick.

Tripleberry Yoghurt Parfait

With a little bit of prep, you can make this simple yoghurt parfait in bulk. It takes less than five minutes - what excuse can you find to negotiate that? Complete with packaging suggestions, this simple tripleberry yoghurt parfait is the perfect recipe.

Homemade doughnuts

Let’s face it - most people don’t associate doughnuts with healthy… but these banana chocolate doughnuts are much better for you than a Boston creme doughnut from Dunkins.

Homemade doughnuts can serve the breakfast purpose for a few days, provided you make enough in one batch. When the weather is cooling down in the fall, try this apple cider recipe instead.


If you’re considering a simple piece of bread toast, you’re wrong. Two words: savory toast. There’s an abundance of savory toast recipes out there, featuring pesto or avocado - needless to say, they aren’t your average pieces of toast.

Note to self? Keep avocados on hand.


This basic recipe takes a mere seven minutes to complete, including prep and cook time. If you can spare a few minute to roll through the drive-thru near your office, you have time to make yourself a delicious omelette.

Eggs are a great source of protein and the perfect food to start off a long day.

French Toast

Whatever image you have in your head of French toast, get rid of it. Why? Because it’s important to note that French toast is not the thin slices of toast doused in fake maple syrup at a breakfast food chain.

Ooey, gooey French toast is a breakfast comfort food. If you try hard enough, it’s a comfort food for any meal time really. The best part? It doesn’t take long to make, and you can even find a variety to cook overnight like this French toast casserole (we leave off the raisins). 

Cinnamon Roll Bites

Some people call this guy Monkey bread, but they’re also known as cinnamon roll bites. They’re little balls of dough, rolled around in cinnamon sugar and baked together in a bundt pan. Depending on your preference, you can add in different flavors like caramel sauce or chocolate into the glaze you’ll drizzle over the finished product.  

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