Spice up the Weekend with a New Cocktail Recipe
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Spice up the Weekend with a New Cocktail Recipe

Kellie Speed
Published almost 2 years ago

The weekend is officially here, so to kick it off right, we have rounded up a couple of delicious cocktail recipes that you can try out at home.

There is nothing quite like the flavor combination of sweet and spicy, which is why we are loving the frozen spicy kiwi cocktail right now.

Frozen Spicy Kiwi Cocktail


· 1/2 cup infused Blue Ice vodka

· 1 scotch bonnet pepper

· 1 cup frozen mango cubes

· 2 kiwifruits, skinned

· Water (to thin drink to preference)


How to infuse vodka --

· Add scotch bonnet pepper, pricked with a fork, to a lidded jar.

· Add vodka.

· Shake and place in a cupboard or pantry for one day. After, strain the peppers.

Create the cocktail –

· Place kiwifruit and frozen mango in a blender and mix.

· Once the fruit is smooth and combined, add the vodka and blend.

· Depending on personal preference and ripeness of kiwifruit, add small amounts of water to thin the drink and make it more sip-able.

· Garnish with sliced kiwifruit round on the rim of the glass.

Nothing says fall better than the flavor of apples, which tastes even better when infused with blackberries. Here’s one of our favorite recipes:

Blackberry Apple Infusion


· 1 bottle organic Prairie gin

· 1 green apple, sliced

· 10 blackberries


1. Create room in a bottle of gin. Add in apples and blackberries. Let bottle sit in cool, dark space for 10 days and shake intermittently. Serve over ice and top with soda water.

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Kellie Speed

Kellie Speed is a native Bostonian and a freelance writer/editor/copywriter with more than 20 years experience writing for a variety of local and national publications, including JustLuxe, Wicked Local, AOL's City's Best Boston, Upscale Living magazine, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Mohegan Sun's Legends and Amtrak's Arrive. She is the Boston restaurant writer for Gayot's travel site and also contributed to Moon Metro's Boston guidebook published by Avalon Travel Publishing. She can be reached at kkspeed@aol.com.