Spanish Food Trends in Melbourne
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Spanish Food Trends in Melbourne

Alycia Gordan
about 1 year ago

On a visit to Melbourne, Australia, you will be surprised to find so many Spanish eateries. Even if you were to go online to search for Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, it will leave you wondering if Melbourne is a centre for Spanish cuisine. But why are Spanish foods so popular in Melbourne? Well, the primary reason is that as Spanish people migrated to different parts of the world, they carried their cuisine with them and loved to eat their home foods. Immigrants from Spain and Latin America (which was a Spanish colony) settled in Australia, bringing their food there and it making it popular. For this and other reasons, Melbourne embraced the foods and they became part of the culture there.

Since Spanish food has become so popular in Melbourne, there are patterns in Spanish food trends in this city. Here are some of those trends:

Spanish food is loved by everyone

Melbourne hosts people from all corners of the world, making it a cosmopolitan city. It is also clear that businesspeople, students, tourists, expatriates, and other groups of people from Spain and Latin America as well as other parts of the world prefer Melbourne to other cities in Australia. A survey showed that most locals and immigrants from other parts of the globe list Spanish food as among their favorite dishes. The great love and preference for Spanish foods have seen many restaurants offering it all over the city. Surprisingly, most of the restaurants are not even owned by Spanish people but local investors who have realized the great business opportunity and potential for growth in selling those foods.

The foods have a local touch

While the recipes are Spanish, they have a local touch, thus accommodating everyone since the locals will identify with them and at the same time Spanish and other immigrants will find them quite appealing. The delicious foods have flavors that are sourced from different parts of Spain and Latin America.

The Spanish foods come in a wide variety

The most beautiful thing with the Spanish foods offered in Melbourne is that there is a wide variety. There such foods as seafood (prawns, shrimps, and others), baked foods, different types of meat, and so on. The foods are prepared in different ways by master chefs, some from Spain and Latin America who know their craft well and come up with great dishes. The dishes could even be prepared as per the customer specifications as they watch to the great delight of food lovers.

Spanish foods cater to everyone, including vegans and vegetarians

So, are you a vegetarian or a vegan and want to sample Spanish foods? Well, your needs are well taken care of and you will get the best you can imagine. There are Spanish dishes made with only vegetables and plant products that are well-prepared and you will be fully satisfied. Some of those dishes include Spanish spinach and cowpeas, vegan Spanish paella, tofu, tempeh bacon, and many others.

For those who have no restrictions, the list of Spanish dishes is long and ranges from meats and vegetables to pastries and desserts. You can find something that matches your feeding habits in the top Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, and to have such great dishes, check out the Vamos website. You can place your order and make a reservation for space for you and your guests.

Tapas are common on Spanish menus in Melbourne

A tapas is an appetizer, snack, or light meal. The origin of tapas is traced from the slices of ham or bread that were used to cover fruity and sweet wine, referred to as sherry, to prevent flies from getting into the glass while drinking it. It is nowadays common to have tapas between main meals, for example before dinner, which is served a bit later. Tapas are also eaten when patrons want to sample many dishes, so they can order small portions of several dishes. Another reason for the popularity of tapas is that they help those drinking wine to have some food to prevent the wine from going straight to their heads. Some examples of tapas include:

• Tortilla Espanola – A dish made of potato and egg.

• Patatas Bravas and Patatas alioli – Fried potatoes covered in spicy sauce for bravas, or olive oil and garlic for aioli.

• Chopitos – Baby squids that are deep-fried.

• Croquetas de Jamón (Ham Croquettes) – Ham that is cured the Spanish way, used as a snack to accompany a glass of beer or wine.

Tapas are also good for preventing overfeeding since when patrons order several dishes in a restaurant, all of the dishes do not come at once but in stages, allowing them to savor each to the fullest and realize when they are getting full. Since Melbourne is a city of working people, businessmen and tourists, among others, meetings and dining out is common, so tapas are very common in those settings. Spanish restaurants offer tapas as the revelers enjoy their drinks and music.

Spanish foods are loved by people of different descents and from all walks of life in Melbourne, and this has made them increasingly popular. The eateries make them with a local touch, but they still retain the Spanish flavors, so everyone can enjoy them. The variety of Spanish foods is wide and accommodates all feeding habits from vegetarians and vegans to those who have no restrictions.

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