Smart Tips For Choosing Modern, High-Quality Barbecue Grills  
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Smart Tips For Choosing Modern, High-Quality Barbecue Grills  

Alycia Gordan
almost 2 years ago

Everybody loves a good grill. There’s something about listening to your favorite meat cuts or veggies crackle over the heat that ignites something primal in us all. There’s nothing like it. If you’re just moving into a new home, or you’re looking to upgrade, a new grill is just what you need to add functionality and class to your already wonderful kitchen.

Here are some smart tips to keep in mind while choosing a modern and high quality grill.


The first thing you have to take into account is how many people you’ll be feeding on a regular basis. This, of course, is going to determine the size of the grill you’re going to get. If you’re cooking for a family of 8, of course you’re going to get yourself a heavy duty model. But there are diminishing returns in terms of size. If you’ve got limited space, you’ll most likely have to sacrifice the size of the grill for other things like a yard nook, or a hammock. Because of this, the best size to get is the standard 360 square inches. That’d take care of the barbecue on the weekends and the kids during the week. It’s a happy medium that we recommend.

Heat Component

Now that you’ve figured out the kind of size you want, you have to figure out what kind of heat source fits you and your needs the best.

● Electric Grills are the darling of modern grilling. They’re the new heralded means of getting your food to char just right without the need for extra components or things like charcoal. If you’re in this for convenience, the electric grill is the way to go. You just turn it on, wait a few minutes 9way quicker than an oven) and start your cooking process. You get to focus more on the ingredients and the food instead of playing it’s knobs and poking at briquettes. The best companies out there making electric grills know this. It’s a point they like to highlight. Also, as Barbecue Elettrico experts Bistecchiera Elettrica has pointed out, there’s no extra unwanted flavor imparted, just the ones that you wanted in the dish. For those particular about highlighting their culinary abilities, this is the best option, hands down.

● Gas grills are the standard that you’re going to get at the store. They’re cheap, a dime a dozen, and get the job done. The issue lies in all the components you have to deal with in that self-contained system. There are so many problems with a gas grill. First off, you have to buy the fuel. Most of the time its propane. Propane is cheap and readily available. But having to go out of your way to get a new tank and drop off an old one is a pain. It’s another thing we have to think about with our busy schedules. Also, in contrast to an electric grill, you’re giving off a kind of “gassy” flavor to your food. You can tell if it’s been charred with propane. The smell and the flavor sticks. This is not optimal for those wanting to preserve more mild flavors in their ingredient list.

● Charcoal grills are for purists. They’re for the weekend warriors and the ones that take particular charge of the grill as a hobby as opposed to a functional means of cooking for your family. The charcoal grill may be a favorite among old school chefs, but that’s not what we’re going for. We’re looking for effective, modern, and efficient means of cooking. The charcoal grill is anything but efficient. The technique has to be perfect, the coals have to be right, and the amount of scrutiny one gets for not doing a charcoal grill perfectly is not worth the hassle. It’s about the food, isn’t it? Let’s stick to that. These grills have their own place. Not so much in a modern home.


There have been reports from all around the world linking certain cancers to burnt meat. When you throw meat on a gas grill or on a charcoal grill, you really have to pay keen attention to how long its on and how hot the flame is. With an electric grill, you have everything you need to control the heat source in front of you. That’s not to say that the other kinds of grills cannot be controlled. But, with our modern lifestyle, who has the time or the energy to man a grill like they run a restaurant? The ability to really calculate heat and to really make sure things are cooked to liking is an ability that not very many grill types have.


Being modern and conscious consumers, we are increasingly aware of the kinds of impact that our choices have on the world, particularly the environment. If you were to put the three main grill types next to each other, you can accurately rank them in terms of how bad their emissions are. The charcoal grill comes up as the worst. This is evident with the thick black smoke the plooms rise up throughout the whole cooking process. It’s pretty much a smoke signal. Next up is the propane-tank gas grill. It’s not as bad, to be honest. Propane tends to burn pretty clean and the byproducts are immensely low. But if you take into account the amount of driving you’re doing to pick up and drop off tanks, the logistics arm to get the tanks pre-filled, etc., you’re looking at a bigger carbon footprint than you may initially see. The electric grill connects directly to the grid. Depending on where you are, it could be geothermal, it could be solar, or it could be water turbines. Even if it’s a pulverized coal system—the major choice for most power plants, you’re not adding any more stress than any of the other forms directly. If you calculate the wattage to the amount of fuel used in the start of the electricity producing process, it doesn't make a dent.

Modern, high-quality grills are the coolest and most efficient way to get your food cooked. Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option or one that’s easy to clean, you’ll definitely find something that fits your needs. All it takes is a bit of research. 

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