Sunday-Funday Series

OK Chowhounders get this news! I have been thinking about this for a LONG time now! The concept of taking a whole day (Sunday's in this case) each week to take in 3 new local restaurants. One each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner within San Diego city limits. My inner fat kid and true free-foodie spirit just needs a day to get out I guess. But within reason of course.....

The guidelines I am going to set for myself moving forward with this are as follows:

  • Each venue must feature a new entree each time, no repeats. 
  • I can dine at the same places but not on back to back Sunday's. 
  • I must pick a combo of sweet and savory dishes within the 3 meals I pick for that Sunday.
  • I can order anything I want be it junk or wholesome and healthy. Just can't eat so much I am too stuffed to eat the later meals of course!
  • I need to get a close up $$ shot of each dish and a shot of myself with the dish I get at each venue. 
  • I will list/post the cost of each meal with tax before tipping to offer insight to value/cost.
  • To avoid being overwhelmed with too many options and choices which there are 1000's in San Diego....I plan to focus in on a theme for each meal. 
  • Pancake/waffle/french toast specialty places for breakfast, ice cream/dessert based places for lunch and then pizza places for dinner.

If you fellow CH folks would like to join me then please comment below to be included in this and all future Sunday-Funday of local foodie fun!

About the Author


32 year old miliary fitness professional and competitive powerlifter by day, A self proclaimed health nut and creative DIY chef by night. Any other time i am sampling out the best and newest hot spots in San Diego for the best foods the amazing city has to offer my taste buds!